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It all started in 1986 when…

George Putnam, III, as a young attorney, recently minted from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, found himself involved in the Penn Central bankruptcy. Fascinated with the amount of information disclosed in the bankruptcy process that nobody bothered to read, he started the Turnaround Letter, an investment newsletter for retail investors which we continue to publish to this day.

In writing the Turnaround Letter, George looked for value in unloved companies. Often these were recently emerged from bankruptcy; understandably tarred by the stigma of failure but with underlying business that still had value.

As part of the research process, George started collecting all the business filings from the federal bankruptcy courts. This was all pre-PACER…back then, he’d get them straight from the printers. To this day, we have rooms full of these old filings….probably the only such collection in the world.

Fast forward to to the present. George’s fledgling newsletter publishing company became New Generation Research, the preeminent source for in-depth information on corporate bankruptcies and distressed companies.

Our flagship institutional product is BankruptcyData, the industry's most extensive database of business bankruptcy information. Between our data collection, the analyses of our in house editorial and research teams, and our technology platform, we specialize in increasing the signal and reducing the noise in the bankruptcy information environment.

BankruptcyData allows subscribers to spend less time looking for business bankruptcy information and more time using it.


  • Streams dockets from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for all business bankruptcy filings.

  • Assists subscribers in monitoring bankruptcy cases by writing news on significant and actionable events for “priority” cases. (Companies with public equity or debt, with particularly high profiles, or liabilities in excess of 50MM USD.)

  • Provides a research platform where subscribers can query and output data from our robust database of business bankruptcy filing information.

  • Supplies professional retention data, including rates and final fees.

  • Serves as the "hub" of business bankruptcy information that bankruptcy professionals have trusted and relied upon since 1986.


BankruptcyData is used by professionals, both large and small, with an interest in the bankruptcy sector. Here are just a few examples of how BankruptcyData subscribers use our service.

  • Investment professionals identifying or monitoring distressed investment opportunities.

  • Law firms tracking who is being hired by whom and for how much--in other words, to gather "competitive intelligence."

  • Restructuring firms staying on top of existing customers and identifying new prospects.

  • Academics researching historical information and/or looking for trends within the industry.

  • Educational institutions as a reference resource for various data model configurations and student dissertations.

  • Liquidators and auction houses focusing on distressed assets.

  • Hedge funds and private equity firms identifying distressed investment opportunities.

  • Real Estate companies seeking distressed properties.

  • Lenders securing debtor-in-possession funding opportunities.

  • Businesses finding charged-off receivables and remnant assets.

  • Companies purchasing default judgements.

  • Insurance and financial institutions supporting their risk assessment applications.

  • Data aggregators import our data to support business service platforms.

  • Companies run our data against customer, prospect and vendor files.


NGR is uniquely qualified to provide timely, accurate and hard-to-duplicate research support. Our experienced research professionals have aided numerous leading bankruptcy practitioners in many different capacities--including financial analysis, litigation support, forecasting and expert commentary for media outlets.


As NGR's reputation in the corporate bankruptcy sector grew so did requests from various businesses seeking to license data in bulk for use in various in-house applications. We currently provide millions of records annually to banks, insurance companies, investment firms, business service data aggregators and more.


Since 1990, bankruptcy professionals have relied on The Bankruptcy Yearbook & Almanac as an encyclopedic source of bankruptcy statistics and insight. This industry standard provides essential bankruptcy information with more than 500 pages of facts, figures, graphs, research and commentary covering all aspects of bankruptcy.