• 01/10/2018

    BankruptcyData's 2017 Corporate Bankruptcy Review: Energy & Retails Sectors Dominate; Prepackaged Chapter 11 Bankruptcies Up 75% and Looming Debt Maturities Point to Increase Chapter 11 Activity

    Year-end analysis by New Generation Research's BankruptcyData indicates that the uptick in public company bankruptcy filings since 2014 reversed this year, with 2017's bankruptcy count decreasing 28%. That reduction marks a sharp departure from the respective 25% and 48% gains seen in 2016 and 2015.

  • 01/12/2017

    2016 Corporate Bankruptcy Recap: Bankruptcies Up 25%; 41% of Filings from Oil & Gas/Energy Sector

    BankruptcyData's analysis indicates that public company bankruptcy filings increased by more than 25% in 2016 on top of the 46% rise seen in 2015. A total of 99 publicly traded companies filed for Chapter 7/Chapter 11 protection last year with $105 billion in combined pre-petition assets, and 2016's crop of publicly traded filings includes an impressive 25 with assets greater than $1 billion—compared to 19 in the previous year..

  • 01/12/2016

    2015 Bankruptcy Recap: 46% Increase Fueled by Oil & Gas/Mining Industry, Analysts Predict Further Uptick's analysis indicates that public company bankruptcy filings increased by 46% in 2015 -- primarily driven by surging Energy sector filings. A total of 79 publicly traded companies filed for Chapter 7/Chapter 11 protection last year with $81 billion in combined pre-petition assets. Despite that dramatic uptick, total assets going into Chapter 11 in 2015 increased only slightly over 2014's due to Energy Future Holdings' $40 billion bankruptcy.

  • 01/07/2015

    Bankruptcy Count Lowest Ever; Uptick Anticipated Health Care Filings Lead Count

    Corporate Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies declined for the third year, with 2014's public filing count representing the lowest since 1980 -- and perhaps ever. further revealed that for the third year, health care & medical sector businesses sought U.S. Bankruptcy Court protection with the most frequency. Despite these trends, distressed debt pundit George Putnam, III forecasts an uptick in restructuring activity as oil prices decline and debt maturities come due in 2015.

    Record-Shattering Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Slowdown; What’s Next?’s research reveals that current corporate bankruptcy activity, or unprecedented lack thereof, just up-ended historical Chapter 11 benchmarks and pundit expectations with zero public filings in the entire month of January 2014. In fact, up until the February 2nd Tuscany International Drilling Chapter 11, the last public company to seek U.S. Bankruptcy Court protection (OCZ Technology Group) was in early December—making this 60-day stretch a truly record-shattering dry spell.

  • 01/10/2014

    Corporate Bankruptcy Recap & Forecast: Downward Trend Continues while Prepackaged Filings Rise in 2013’s research reveals that 71 publicly traded* companies filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013 with a total of $42.6 billion in combined total pre-petition assets**. This filing count is down from 2012’s 87 filings and $70.8 billion in assets. The largest filing of 2013 was Cengage Learning’s $7.5 billion bankruptcy, followed by Penson Worldwide with $6.2 billion in assets then a sharp drop to Dex One’s $2.8 billion filing. The chart below reflects the ten largest Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 proceedings for 2013. Coincidentally, these are the only bankruptcies for the year that listed $1 billion or more in total pre-petition assets.

  • 07/31/2013

    California Leads Bankruptcy Filing Count, According to’s Business Bankruptcy Filings Quarterly Report, a leading provider of information on companies in bankruptcy and experiencing financial distress, has published its Business Bankruptcy Filings Quarterly Report. The Report is available free of charge for immediate download and offers an overview of business bankruptcy activity along with detailed bankruptcy filing statistics and insight.

  • 01/07/2013 2012

    Corporate Bankruptcy Recap: Chapter 11 Filing Numbers Remain Consistent & Health Care Filings Continue to Lead's research reveals that a total of 86 publicly-traded* companies filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012 with a total of $70.8 billion in combined prepetition assets**. This filing count is the exact same figure seen in 2011, which had $104.0 billion in total assets. The average pre-petition asset figure of bankrupt companies in 2012 fell slightly to $824 million-compared to $1.2 billion in 2011. When ranked by total assets, the largest filing of 2012 was, by a significant margin, Residential Capital, LLC's $15.7 billion bankruptcy, followed by Edison Mission Energy with $8.3 billion in assets and Eastman Kodak Company's $6.2 billion filing.

  • 10/01/2012 Ranks 2012 Filings by Assets Liabilities & Revenue

    Corporate bankruptcy researcher released YTD statistics, ranking the top 10 public* company bankruptcy filings thus far in 2012. Media is welcome and invited to reproduce information provided in this release and/or taken from's Research Center - with appropriate sourcing to

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