Free Resources & Information About Businesses Filing Bankruptcy


BankruptcyData's goal has always been the same: To provide timely and accurate information on businesses filing bankruptcy and offer resources and features that help professionals stay on top of industry activity. BankruptcyData offers the following free resources:

  • Trials to BankruptcyData so interested parties can see how our service may be able to help them
  • News Makers updates that report on professionals and firms in the bankruptcy arena 
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court Directory that provide quick links to the 94 U.S. Bankruptcy Court websites and PACER accounts
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Directory that links to the U.S. Trustee Regions and Offices and Judicial Districts covered under the United States Trustee Program
  • Press Releases that allow readers to access industry-related press releases 
  • Proprietary Research allowing viewers to access our proprietary business bankruptcy research reports
  • History of Bankruptcy presentation that details the history of corporate bankruptcy in the United States
  • Glossary of Bankruptcy Terms gives viewers access to a thorough definition of bankruptcy terminology

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