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BankruptcyData houses the industry's most extensive database of business bankruptcy information. Professionals across all industries subscribe to our service and use our database resources.

BankruptcyData allows subscribers to spend less time looking for business bankruptcy information and more time using it. Now you can power your analysis and streamline your search and monitoring efforts with in-depth bankruptcy information right at your fingertips.


  • Streams dockets from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for all business bankruptcy filings.
  • Assists subscribers in monitoring bankruptcy cases by writing news on significant and actionable events for every publicly traded bankruptcy case.
  • Provides a platform where subscribers can query and output data from our robust database of business bankruptcy filing information.
  • Supplies professional retention data, including rates and final fees.
  • Serves as the "hub" of business bankruptcy information that bankruptcy professionals have trusted and relied upon since 1986.

Who uses BankruptcyData?

BankruptcyData is used by professionals, both large and small, with an interest in the bankruptcy sector. Here are just a few examples of how BankruptcyData subscribers use our service.

  • Investment professionals identifying or monitoring distressed investment opportunities.
  • Law firms tracking who is being hired by whom and for how much--in other words, to gather "competitive intelligence."
  • Restructuring firms staying on top of existing customers and identifying new prospects.
  • Academics researching historical information and/or looking for trends within the industry.
  • Educational institutions as a reference resource for various data model configurations and student dissertations.
  • Liquidators and auction houses focusing on distressed assets.
  • Hedge funds and private equity firms identifying distressed investment opportunities.
  • Real Estate companies seeking distressed properties.
  • Lenders securing debtor-in-possession funding opportunities.
  • Businesses finding charged-off receivables and remnant assets.
  • Companies purchasing default judgements.
  • Insurance and financial institutions supporting their risk assessment applications.
  • Data aggregators import our data to support business service platforms.
  • Companies run our data against customer, prospect and vendor files.

How does this all work and what are the sources for all this data?

We import into our database case information for all companies that file bankruptcy in the 94 U.S. Bankruptcy Courts every night. We have been following this same process since 2000,, building a database of more than 500,000 bankrupt companies to support our subscribers in various capacities.

Additionally, we "track" and write news about every public company currently operating under Chapter 11 protection. This process allows us to continue collecting information about the public company bankruptcy, including the following: plans of reorganization and disclosure statements, debtor-in-possession financing information, professional retention data, 363 sales motions, key employee incentive plans, monthly operating reports, claim transfer activity, securities and security pricing data, committee information and much more.

Our platform allows subscribers to flush out extensive details about individual bankruptcies, identify a group of companies that meet a specific criteria or allow our subscribers to stay on top of the industry in general.

BankruptcyData has reinvigorated how professionals interested in the bankruptcy sector consume, share, manage and leverage vital data, research and analysis. We provide a competitive advantage to those interested in making more informed decisions regarding the bankruptcy and distressed sectors.

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