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Corporate bankruptcy information from New Generation Research

BankruptcyData is a service provided by New Generation Research, Inc. (NGR), a leading provider of corporate bankruptcy and distressed securities publications, products and services. Founded in 1986 by George Putnam, III, NGR has established itself as the preeminent source for in-depth information on corporate bankruptcies and distressed companies over the last 30 years.

A graduate of both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, George Putnam, III first became involved with distressed securities as a bankruptcy lawyer in the late 1970s. He founded New Generation Research, Inc. in 1986 after seeing the inefficient niche in which corporate bankruptcies were researched.

To address this shortfall, NGR began producing a corporate bankruptcy publication called The Bankruptcy DataSource, which provided monthly printed updates to professionals and academicians interested in the corporate bankruptcy sector. These were the pre-Internet and PACER days, and the only way to stay on top of bankruptcy activity was to physically go to the various U.S. Bankruptcy Courts to view and make copies of case activity and documents. The Bankruptcy DataSource did just that and sent subscribers those updates.

As the Internet came to life in the 1990s and corporate bankruptcy data suddenly became available digitally, NGR created BankruptcyData.com to replace the hard copy Bankruptcy DataSource. At BankruptcyData.com subscribers could log in to find news and data on corporate bankruptcies. Over the years, we expanded the BankruptcyData.com offering to include case information on private companies,professional retention information and query capabilities and began producing Bankruptcy Week. Before we knew it, BankruptcyData.com was housing the world's most extensive database of corporate bankruptcy information.

In 2016, BankruptcyData.com was enhanced and relaunched as BankruptcyData with the goal of giving subscribers easy and efficient access to even more corporate bankruptcy and distressed company information…all at an affordable price.

While BankruptcyData was experiencing unprecedented expansion, NGR was also producing other products and service offerings that further cemented our reputation as the leading provider of information in the bankrupt and distressed company sector:

The Bankruptcy Yearbook & Almanac

Since 1990, bankruptcy professionals have relied on The Bankruptcy Yearbook & Almanac as an encyclopedic source of bankruptcy statistics and insight. This industry standard provides essential bankruptcy information with more than 500 pages of facts, figures, graphs, research and commentary covering all aspects of bankruptcy.

Custom Bankruptcy Research

NGR is uniquely qualified to provide timely, accurate and hard-to-duplicate research support. Our experienced research professionals have aided numerous leading bankruptcy practitioners in many different capacities--including financial analysis, litigation support, forecasting and expert commentary for media outlets.

Data Licensing

As NGR's reputation in the corporate bankruptcy sector grew so did requests from various businesses seeking to license data in bulk for use in various in-house applications. We currently provide millions of records annually to banks, insurance companies, investment firms, business service data aggregators and more.

The Distressed Company Alert

The Distressed Company Alert is a weekly newsletter (and associated Website) that helps subscribers find new customers, uncover short and long selling opportunities and find debts that are at risk of default or bankruptcy by reporting on companies that are showing signs of financial distress.

The Turnaround Letter

The Turnaround Letter is a monthly investment advisory newsletter (and associated Website) that provides insight into possible turnaround investing opportunities. The Turnaround Letter recommends value stock purchases that have potential for significant returns. Written by renowned distressed investor George Putnam, III, The Turnaround Letter searches out companies that have experienced some problems and are temporarily out of favor--but in the process of turning around. These stocks may initially seem like laggards but once a turnaround becomes evident, Wall Street will jump into the stock and push the price up--often dramatically.

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