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In 2016 we saw a 26% increase in business bankruptcy filings compared to 2015 resulting in the first year-to-year increase in filings since before the 2008 recession. The number of companies filing for bankruptcy each year had been spiraling downward for several years and bottomed out in 2015 before seeing the 2016 increase. Our prediction that the busy bankruptcy activity would continue into 2017 has proven to be accurate thus far: Q1 2017 filing numbers are up 4% compared to Q4 2016 and 1% versus the first quarter of 2016—but up 25% compared to Q1 2015.

Though overall bankruptcy activity is slightly higher than last year, public company bankruptcies are down: 17 public companies filed for U.S. Bankruptcy Court protection in Q1 2017, versus 25 and 34 during the same respective periods in 2016 and 2015. The total asset count heading into bankruptcy in Q1 2017 was $20.8 billion. Though this figure is down from $25.3 billion in 2016 and $34.1 billion in 2015, it is still a decent sized number when compared to Q1 bankruptcy asset figures over the last 20 years. The oil & gas/energy industries continued to dominate the bankruptcy scene with seven of the 10 largest public company filings in Q1 2017 coming from this sector.   

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