Customized Queries & Outputs

With thousands of users hitting the BankruptcyData platform from numerous different directions, the name of the game for us is flexibility. We offer users the customized tools to query and output data. When you subscribe to BankruptcyData, our data becomes your data: We give you the ability to manipulate and output data, allowing you to leverage the power of information and analysis. Our user-friendly interface gives users direction and structure without limiting the ability to customize unique research needs. You can easily refine queries to dig deeper into a data set. Once satisfied that you have identified the data you are looking for, BankruptcyData gives you the ability to output that data and use it as you see fit. Custom queries are not a problem. We are here to help: If you need help determining what you want or need or assistance in designing a query, simply email or call us at 800-468-3810. We can create the query for you and save it to your personal dashboard page for future use. Many of our customers do this when looking for something very specific and targeted. We are always here to support BankruptcyData's customers…if you need help, just let us know!


Building Your Query Window

Our platform gives subscribers the ability to search the four main features of our database:

  • Search for companies in bankruptcy: We give you the ability to search by company name or other criteria that will help you pinpoint the companies you are looking for.
  • Search our database of company news: Search for all the news on a single company, all the news within a date range or by a significant bankruptcy event.
  • Search our database for professional retention information: Look for professional retentions in the bankruptcy sector based on debtor, firm name, role or date range.
  • Search the bankruptcy dockets: Our users have no need to go to PACER: BankruptcyData streams abbreviated docket entries for each bankruptcy and allows you to search across all dockets for specific events.

Refine Your Query Results

After running and reviewing the results of your query, refining it is easy. Just click on the data field you want to include and it instantaneously populates in your results. If you want to eliminate a column just one click will take care of that as well. We deliver easy-to-use and comprehensive company, industry and market intelligence that helps drive business growth.

  • Company information: name and address, SIC code, industry description, officers names, number of employees, assets, liabilities, revenue, phone, liabilities, auditor, EIN, industry
  • Case details: bankruptcy filing date, case number, filing type (Chapter 11 or 7), filing district, attorney, judge assigned, outcome summary
  • Case events: prepackaged bankruptcy, Chapter 22/33/44, 363 sales motions, KERP/KEIP, DIP financing, official creditor or equity committee
  • Securities data 

Output Your Results

Once you have refined your query, you can output that data with one push of a button. Output options include the following:

  • Excel

Save Your Query

We realize that subscribers will often want to use the site for the same purposes. For example, users may want to see who is filing for bankruptcy within a certain industry on a daily basis or may want stay on top of retention activity on a weekly basis. Our platform allows you to save customized queries for quick and easy ongoing access.

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