• Apr 20,2019 Coastal Cardiology, LLC Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 152 Broadway Haverstraw NY LLC Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 Blue Beverage Group Inc. Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 New Cafe Minutka, Inc. Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 KBBC, Inc. d/b/a Trend Transformations of Cape Cod Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 Bluegrass Swim Team, Inc. Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 L & H Development, LLC Chapter 12
  • Apr 19,2019 Lift Off Chicago, LLC Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 In A Pickle Messenger Service, Inc. Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 Anita Holdings, LLC d/b/a Johnny Rockets Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 Design Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 D.A. Stoneburner Enterprises, Inc. Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 Kinnecorps, LLC Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 Fram Operating LLC Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 Fram Americas, LLC Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 Lovester's, Llc Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 Champagne Court, LLC Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 MACWCP III, Corp Chapter 11
  • Apr 19,2019 Encryptux Escape Rooms, LLC Chapter 7
  • Apr 19,2019 Simplicity Caterers Chapter 11
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Bankruptcy Data Industry Best Awards+

The winners of our the Bankruptcy Data Industry Best rankings for 2018 received their awards last week at the American Bankruptcy Institute's annual meeting in DC.  In a ceremony during the Friday Luncheon, New Generation Research CEO James ...

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FirstEnergy Solutions – Files Amended Plan and Disclosure Statement to Address Objections Over Nonconsensual, Non-Debtor Releases, Confirmation Hearing Set for July 15+

April 18, 2019 – The Debtors filed a Fourth Amended Plan and a related Disclosure Statement [Docket Nos. 2529 and 2530]. The Debtors also filed redlines of these documents showing changes from the versions filed on April 1, 2019 [Docket No. 253...

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CTI Foods – Court Approves Disclosure Statement and Confirms Joint Prepackaged Chapter 11 Plan, Debtors Set to Emerge $405mn Lighter in Coming Weeks+

April 18, 2019 – The Court hearing the CTI Foods cases confirmed the Debtors' Joint Prepackaged Chapter 11 Plan and Disclosure Statement [Docket No. 177].On March 11, 2019, CTI Foods, LLC and its affiliated debtors, filed for Chapter 11 pro...

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Westmoreland Coal Company – Court Approves Settlement between U.S. Trustee and McKinsey as Mar-Bow/Jay Alix Press Fight+

April 18, 2019 – The Court hearing the Westmoreland Coal Company cases issued an order [Docket No. 1763] approving a $15.0mn settlement reached between the U.S. Trustee Program (the "USTP") and McKinsey Recovery and Transformtion Serv...

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Gymboree Group – Seeks Extension of Exclusive Plan Filing Period Until July 16, 2019+

April 17, 2019 – The Debtors filed a motion to extend the periods during which they have an exclusive right to file a Chapter 11 Plan, and solicit acceptances thereof, through and including July 16, 2019 and September 14, 2019, respectively [Do...

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